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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why Change The Color Of History?

The following comes from Ekowa who also has a blog on this network. I have always been fascinated with her reasoning.

Why has the Euro-American System or scheme had an overriding need to change the color of history? The first humans and first civilization has been replaced and substituted with foreign images. It has been for political, economic, religious, entertainment, labor, law and justice, war, imperialistic and genetic survival. It was done to replace the originals with ones that continue a perpetuation of an alternative history in the minds of each and every one.

It does make a difference of Who’s Who on Bible pages. Just as it makes a difference of Who’s Who in the tombs of the Pyramids, and just as it makes a difference everywhere else. It always has made a difference; otherwise there would have been a need to change the images or the story.

Three of the world’s religions use the Bible as a foundation in spiritual education. It has become evident that it does matter. Again, if it didn’t, it would not have been necessary for Europeans to obliterate the geographical, cultural and ethnographical truths from real history, in order to construct an alternative history, made in European image and likeness.

Example: It you were given an instruction book and in it were the people that could explain what was hidden in the scriptures; you would need the book and the instructors of the book, wouldn’t you? They would be the key to understanding those texts. The Creator of all things left the record of a certain section of history – the Bible in its original form is the word of the Creator for all things. In addition to that, he left a people to correctly interpret that word to the nations—a Royal Priesthood.